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  Live-More is me, and because we're truly all connected and spiritually equal, Live-More is also you, the Real you, the unfiltered, genuine you that you may not show very often. Live-More loves you the way you are today. Live-More loves who you might want to become. Live-More loves the great things that you might want to do. Live-More says “Life is short, baby… start today!” Live-More believes in you and knows that the world is eagerly waiting to meet the Real you…. not the social media version, not the polished up and clean version, not the version who is always tough and doesn’t cry, not the version who is always there for your friends but isn’t comfortable asking for help when you need it yourself, not the version that is afraid to admit that they’re lonely or that something is wrong. Live-More sees the whole you…. all the beautiful parts, all the fragile parts, all the strong parts, all the scared or just shy parts, all the brave parts, all the parts that you might not think of as awesome and all the hundreds of other parts that combine like Voltron to become the entire you.

  My name is Jonathan and I created Live-More after I suddenly realized how long I'd felt disconnected and alone in the world. I wasn't actually alone at all, of course, but still I felt trapped inside of myself and could not see my way out. I've now come to understand and feel how important genuine face-to-face, deep social connection is for humans and how we're all connected to each other at a very profound level. Unfortunately it seems that increasingly, the people of the world are turning to technology and away from each other. We post all the best images and videos of ourselves and portray the experience of having a great life, even if we know it's a lie. We may spread our feelings of hate and distrust from the comfort of our bedrooms, free from consequence. I believe it's harder than ever to create honest, heart-felt connections with real people... because we have to be honest with ourselves first. When we're no longer comfortable relating to each other openly, we become isolated and scared and small. This state can lead to all sorts of destructive behavior and people can easily lose sight of the things that matter most... like love.

  Live-More proposes that our greatest challenge as humans is to fully know ourselves deeply and practice looking inward for the answers we seek. As you get to know yourself and take responsibility for your own life, you'll realize how much control you actually have. As you get to know yourself you'll begin to feel your connection with everyone else and with the earth itself. As you grow and talk about your experience, you'll inspire others. The point of the Live-More line of apparel (The Flag) is to raise awareness like never before, to express your pride in what you're doing and how you feel and to help inspire as many people as possible. The human world could truly be transformed and uplifted in all ways, if we reconnected with ourselves and with each other deeply, whole-heartedly and with compassion. We were all born on the same tiny, tiny dot in the universe!

Thank you for seeking a better way. The world needs the Real you and we all need each other!